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Hello everyone!

The other day, I had the opportunity to attend an event that was organised by WEVents with the collaboration of The Face Shop at Mustard Sandwich in Ipoh. It was a workshop on applying Make Up! 

I myself have been applying make up ever since I was 15 years old if not mistaken lah. 

It was very eye opening for those who did not know how to apply full make up as they did a wonderful job on explaining details of each step. Only thing I hope they can improve is to slow down their speech when explaining. 

So in this blog I'll be writing about The Steps of Cleansing Your Face and Applying Make Up with products from The Face Shop.

Steps of Cleansing Your Face

1. Wash Your Face with a Cleanser
So before you put on anything on your face, please remember to wash your face first. There might be some dirt or oil that your eyes can't see. To give your face a fresh feeling.

I personally use The Face Shop's cleanser and particularly this Rice Water Bright Rice Bran (RM 41.23). It helps a lot because my face is really oily and this cleanser works for my oily skin. Can tahan 10 hours straight without having oily face okay!

2. Apply Serum
Serums are moisturizers that penetrates your skin deeper. It basically helps to keep your face moisture at all times and to also make it firm. You definitely wouldn't face a saggy face right.

There are many different serums and choose one that suit your skin. We were introduced with this product, The Therapy Water Drop Anti Aging Moisturizing Serum (RM 144.05). With its anti-aging formula, it protects your skin with a layer of moisture. Just pat gently on your face to your neck after applying the toner.

3. Apply Toner
Now, toner helps in minimizing your large pores. It helps to give your skin a smoother appearance. Must put it on as you wouldn't want make up to get into your pores. 

At the workshop, they provided us this product, Chia Seed Hydrating Toner (RM 78.33), which is also what I use daily. It gives a refreshing feeling and it smells really good too!

4. Apply Moisturizer/Emulsion
Now, what's the difference between serum and moisturizer? Moisturizer helps to keep your skin from being dry or treat your dry skin.

They introduced Chia Seed Hydrating Emulsion (RM 78.33) to us and it does feels a little bit oily but it gives your face a glowing shiny effect.

Once you are done cleansing your face, we may now proceed to apply make up!

Applying Make Up

1. Putting on Concealer
Concealers are for you to cover up dark spots or uneven spots that appears on your face. It helps to blend it in with the foundation you will put it on later.

Here we have Easy Cover Stick Concealer from The Face Shop. It works wonders! I do love this but sadly, don't think they continue this product anymore. Perhaps Super Cover Concealer (RM 47.59) might work out just fine too!

2. Cushion Foundation
To have a base layer will be the foundation of course! It evens out the colour of your skin and with the concealer as well.

What we have here is the CC Cushion Foundation (RM 88.93). They come in different components such as Oil Control, Intense, Ultra Moist and many more!

3. Eye Shadow
Eye shadows helps to bring out the sparks from your eyes to mesmerize *ehem* boys.

What we have here are the basic colours for a smokey sexy feeling. The product they introduced was not on their site anymore, and to me, i didn't think this particular product works as the shades were difficult to put on. They just won't go on my eyelids. Perhaps, a similar product from them might work. Try out Triple Eyes Mocha Nuance (RM 58.19).

4. Eyelinear
Don't you ever wonder, when you wear black clothes, it'll make you look slimmer but, wearing black eyelinear on your eyelids, doesn't make your eye look smaller? *it's been boggling my mind*

Ink Graffi Brush Pen Liner (RM 49.71)  is actually so fine! The brush is fine and the ink flows exactly what it should. It's also quite waterproof to be honest. I wouldn't mine buying this after my current one finishes.

5. Mascara
It helps to enhance your eyelashes masking it thicker, darken or lengthen.

What my friend said, since we have fibers in all mascaras, it made our lashes looked like it has cockroach legs on it. *hysterical laugh* I thought the two product above from The Face Shop was quite alright. It does lengthen and thickens it. I would recommend their latest product, which is 2-in-1 Curling Mascara (RM 80.45) to give it a try.

6. Eyebrows
Having your eyebrows drawn does make a huge difference! Try photoshop the eyebrows off the celebrities. Looks weird!

I find this a bit difficult to apply on my brows because the colour doesn't seem to get on my eyebrows. But it is definitely a good bargain because it's quite cheap! Designing Eyebrow Pencil (RM 15.37) only, and they come in all sorts of colours!

7. Blusher
To put on your cheeks to give a cute rosy effect!

This is the cutest, fluffiest blusher I have ever seen, honestly. Lovely Me: Ex Pastel Cushion Blusher (RM 39.11). It's not expensive either and they have two colours for it. This Coral Cushion is not as pinkish as the other product that they have.

8. Lips Lips Lips
Smoooooch! It gives your lips a fuller effect and with colours that you love that enhances your whole look!

Moisture Touch (RM 63.49) is really not that bad. It does moisturize your lips and at the same time having colours on it. They do also come in Glossy or Matt.

And WALAH!! You will have the ultimate make up look!

Here's a video from my friend Angie who will show you how the make up is being done! So do please watch!

From the workshop, we had a wonderful time and met wonderful new friends.

It was very nice of The Face Shop to give us samples from the workshop but mostly for facial usage and not the make up. So do give it a try! You'll never know how smooth your face will be.

We had a contest and the 5 chosen winners will get a prize from The Face Shop and so we congratulate them all!

We also had lucky draws and 4 winners get a prize too!


We also had wonderful snacks from Mustard Sandwich House that they have prepared.

It's not too late if you would like to join this event because they will held another one in 9th December 2017 in KL! So stay tune on WEVents website!

Thank you very much WEVents and The Face Shop for having us!

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  1. I'm not keen on wearing makeup. But these products look so interesting and great, I will definitely check and give it a try!

    1. Yea should check it out. Go to any outlets of The Face Shop and I'm pretty sure the girls there are willing to help you out!