The Alley @ Ipoh Soho

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Hello guys! Thought the bubble tea hype has dropped down, well, I'm wrong yet again!

The Alley, a new bubble tea joint that is located in Ipoh SOHO, near Ipoh Parade. I honestly don't get the word da there and the deer head. I've searched and couldn't find the purpose of both lol. If any of you know please tell me haha.

Actually inside is quite cozy and they actually laid lots of chairs outside as well. Some spots inside are cold la because the aircond is like directly blowing at your face.

This reminds me a lot of Ground Eatery haha.

So what is different from the other bubble tea shops is that they use sugar cane instead of white sugar.
So it's not that sweet.

When we got there, it was like 8 something? But after that, it was so crazy, the queue I mean. Never stopped.

So this is where you order, right after you walk through their door.

This picture was taken like at 11pm++ okay. So damn long queue.

And this is where you will get your drinks.

So this is the MENU!
Sorry ah, this was the only picture and everyone was queuing behind, I got very stress out and even the cashier was talking so damn fast in Mandarin, I couldn't hear a word he said.
So basically you just choose whatever lah, like on Tealive or Chatime menu.

The Alley Menu
Updated 20/5/2019*


And you can tell them your sugar and ice options like the picture above to them as well.

Brown Sugar Deerioca Fresh Milk - RM 12.90
I honestly did not like this. It's smaller and more expensive.
Plus I sendiri didn't realize what I order *rolls eyes*
It's the fresh milk that gave it away. So don't order this lah okay.
But everyone seem to like this, I find other tea shops that have better.

Royal No. 9 Milk Tea (large) - RM 8.90
This, is extremely nice!
It has the flower tea fragrance in the milk tea.
And the black pearls which they call it Deerioca, is nice and chewy.
Made me so regret what I ordered.

Updated 20/5/2019*
Earl Grey Milk Tea + Black Pearls - RM 11.70
I've got to say, its even BETTER than the Royal No.9!
It's even more fragrant and soothing, this is a must to try!

Brown Sugar Deerioca Dark Chocolate - RM 12.90
I'd say they have improve their fresh milk series and this dark chocolate does not disappoint.
Rich in chocolate but not so dark that its bitter.


you can see the happy faces of drinking the bubble tea so its a yes haha.
I didn't quite like the environment because its quite echo-y, so its really noisy when there are loads of people around.
Let's see if its still like that lah after a few months *laughs*
But honestly, yes, it's nice and I can't wait for them to launch the two pretty galaxy drinks on 5th February.
Worth a shot!

Visited on 30/1/2018
A table for 4.
A total of RM 21.80, no GST and service charge.
Rating: 4.0/5.0

Address: Blok D-G-15 Soho Ipoh 2, Sultan Idris Shah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak.
Telephone: 05 - 246 1314
Opening Hours:
11.00am - 1.00am daily

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  1. The cafe looks happening..the Brown Sugar Deerioca Fresh Milk look so yummy..

  2. Look like very cool and nice place for bersamtai with friends

  3. So many nice cafes at Ipoh now! Couldn't keep track all of it, but will definitely keep this in mind when I visit Ipoh =)

  4. Wah so nice...
    Penang also got one cafe name the alley...
    I dont sure if they related or not

  5. many people... long time didnt visit there le... memang my favorite place...


  6. Wow, look at the queue. I can tell you, as an Ipohite, I very malas to go to Ipoh SoHo. Looks so leceh to turn in. I avoid that place if I can help it.

  7. Perhaps biz too good, less aggressive business attitude. Specialty brown sugar pearl also out of stock and not ready despite commencing biz at 11.30am.

  8. The alley have jakim halal or not?

  9. wow nanti nk try jugak.. taiping takda ni 😁