Inside Scoop Mooncake

As you see on facebook from Inside's Scoop's detailed page, yes it is bigger than your face!
It's hard to imagine until you've seen it for yourself.

Since now its the time of giving in the Asian Culture, Mid-Autumn Festival, it's no doubt that mooncakes are flying out the market as you can see it selling by roadsides and being promoted in every mall.

Every year, Inside Scoop does have their own mooncakes out as well, and this year is of course not missing any of it! So what choices do we have this year? What's interesting? Let's take a look shall we...

The Supermoon - RM 115
It's a supersized 7.5 inch snow skin mooncake made from their premium pistachio ice cream with raspberry jelly layer inside and a rocher crumble base at the bottom.

Honestly, when I first saw the price, I wasn't very keen but when I saw how big it was, it's just crazy and so worth the price. Just hang on will yea?
It's basically the size of a cake or a pie if you will. Can easily feed up to 10-12 persons as its so packed and thick that after a few bites, it's very much filling.

I was a little skeptical about the Pistachio flavour but once I had it, I couldn't get enough! It's so fragrant and creamy. I love the raspberry jelly as well as it blends well with pistachio, surprisingly.
The crumbs though, damn, enhances the whole mooncake ice cream. Just down right delicious. I'm pretty protective over my ice cream so I didn't let my husband finish it till now Haha.

 Alright! Next of what we have here is the smaller mooncake size from Inside Scoop. They have 4 rich flavours for you to get your hands on.

So they have two boxes you can choose from,
a 4-piece box set or a 2-piece box set.
Let's take a look on the 4-piece mooncake box set.

4 Piece Box - RM 100

So in the 4 piece box, you get all 4 different flavours for only RM 100!
Let's take a look at all 4 flavours!

Matcha with Black Sesame Yolk
So this is the matcha ice cream, paired with black sesame and peanut chunks at the bottom, coated the whole thing with passion-fruit chocolate shell.
If you are a matcha lover, you would definitely love this!
The matcha flavour is so rich and the black sesame just brings it up to another level. Not forgetting that chunk of peanut, amazing! Chocolate shell easily breaks so once you open it, just eat the whole thing!

Unicorn with Raspberry Yolk
So what's in the unicorn flavour? It's a combination of raspberry yoghurt and blue pea flower ice cream with the raspberry yolk in the centre.

Well, I personally love this flavour the most! I like how sweet it is but not too sweet.
It's pretty hard to describe the unicorn flavour but try it out will you? I wished they had given me 4 of these instead hahaha.

Rocher with Crunchy Base
Chocolate Chocolate and more Chocolate.
So its rocher ice cream sits on top of a crunchy nutty base and covered in strawberry chocolate shell.

Chocolate lovers unite!
This is the ultimate chocolate bomb if you will. Super rich in flavour, the shell though, so so good.
Don't know what else to say but chocolate lovers, you don't want to miss this.

Durian with Chocolate Yolk
Malaysian's favourite durian ice cream, thats the D24 flavour for you, centered with dark chocolate ganache.

I mean come on, when they got durian flavour out, everyone was queuing up for it. Once the lid was open, full aroma smell of the durian filled the air. So so goooooood. Husband couldn't handle it though cause its the only thing he doesn't eat haha. But the chocolate in the middle does help to balance out the durian flavour, melting it in your mouth.

 2 Piece Box - RM 65

Well, you cant choose what's in the two piece box. It is set with one Unicorn with Raspberry Yolk and Rocher with Crunchy Base.

And there you have it. Amazing flavours this time around by Inside Scoop. 
Mm se dak wanna finish it my gosh.

I like how the real product is as advertised. 100% the same!
So book yours now before they run out during mid Autumn Festival at your nearest Inside Scoop branch or ordered it online!

Beauty Tea @ Greentown, Ipoh

Alright! Another one!
Woohoo! I'm like on the hype of drinking bobas everyday.
Hello diabetes! *laughs*

So this new gem is SO LOVELY.
Love the pink and mint green, love the gold and white, Pastel and Classy together.
And it's spacious!

So for now, it's the only franchise in Malaysia! From Taiwan and can be seen at Japan too, this boba shop has a lot to offer. You'll see why below.

Beauty Tea Menu (English Version)

Mandarin Version

绿巨人黑糖牛奶 The Hulk Brown Sugar with Fresh Milk - RM 14.90
So with their unique name you could possibly guess what they are.
This is the Matcha Boba! I super love how you can see each layer clearly before mixing it up. 
You see how they float up? Reminds me of the 3 layer tea heh.
This however isn't very strong in matcha taste, pretty mild green tea taste I would say but best part is, it isn't sweet!

鹿丸黑糖牛奶 Classical-Yi Brown Sugar with Fresh Milk - RM 14.90
So this is the Chocolate Boba! Don't mix it up with the other one in the menu that seems that was the chocolate drink.
However, the chocolaty drink isn't too sweet either. Mind you, we did not cut down any ice or sugar and this is its original taste. Also, not very strong taste in chocolate, but the pearls.
THE PEARLS, are heavenly. They are slightly smaller compare to The Alleys in terms of the pearls but they are very chew-able! As my friend said, very "Q".
And a fact from them was they make fresh new pearls every 4 hours! So you definitely get to try and have fresh pearls!

泰国芒果脏脏 Mango-kap Dirty - RM 15.90
From the name, thought it was gonna be like black or chocolate in color hah.
But this though, WOAH, so good! The mangoes are freshly cut and you have to mix it well with the milk in the middle and coconut jellies on top. Very filling!

现煮珍珠奶茶 Classic Brewed Pearl Milk Tea - RM 11.90
Just that any other milk tea, this doesn't taste very different from it.

桔趣泡茉莉茶 Sourly Fruit Jasmine Tea - RM 14.90
This though. I love this the most!
It has Lemon, and Cherry Tomatoes! 
Best drink it when you have no appetite or if you're too full. 
This drink is very refreshing, sweet and sourness combined.
I don't know what else to say, it's just TOO GOOD.

青瓜维C果盖 Cucumber Vit-C Fruit Foam - RM 14.90
If you love vegetables, you will definitely love this!
I'm not a vegetable fan, *Ahem* so it's not for me but my other friends loved this so much.
Once you drink it, you feel like super healthy hahaha. 
The pearls are PINK! It's made out of rose hence the color. 

Putting aside the price, this is a definite place to go too! 
Relaxing environment, friendly staff all around and awesome drinks!
Definitely on par with my current favourite, Instea Ipoh.
They are definitely more famous for their fruity drinks and it's good, cause brown suagr isn't that healthy anyway heh.
Go on before they get too many crowds. 

Visited on 18/7/2019
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Address: No 7, Persiaran Greentown 9, Greentown Business Centre, 30450 Ipoh.
Telephone: 014-601 0866
Opening Hours:
Monday - Thursday
11.30am - 12.00am
Friday - Saturday
11.30am - 1.00am

Magazine 63 天下第一客棧 @ Jalan Magazine, Georgetown, Penang

Haven't step into a bar in a really long time, so we went to this amazing speakeasy, hidden bar which they have a few in Penang. They said on Jalan Magazine there are some and we couldn't really find it because its a hidden cafe. So our friends that arrived early went to the hidden bar next door instead because the music was booming so loud so thought it was that Hahaha. So in the end is this one la alright that we wanted to go to.

It looks like it's nothing from the front, but once you walk pass the steel gates, there's a door you can push in, thankfully people were going in and out here so you guys can see. Then there's another door you walk into, so that is why we couldn't hear any noise. 

Super love the oriental design. It's so cina I love it so muchhhhhhhhhhh. Haha.

Oh yea and the DJ is upstairs DJ-ing lah.

It's a pretty long bar and I really salute Penang on keeping their Heritage Buildings so well maintain. 

Magazine 63 MENU
Way too many choices, and you feel like trying them all Oh gosh.

女儿红 Nv Er Hong - RM 98/Jar
Beer, Sweet and Sour, Rum, Vodka, Gin, Curacao, and Tequila.
So basically all the alcohol you know all mix in together hah.
It's really good though, and one jar can fill up to 6 bowls.
Made us think we are in the olden days sipping alcohol from the bowl like how they do it in the movies hahaha.

Donut 五郎八卦棍 - RM 38
London Dry Gin, Jagermeister, Charcoal Bamboo Powl, Lemon, Pineapple, Dry Ginger Ale.
So much going on and it doesn't disappoints!

Invincible East 东方不敢 - RM 38
Pineapple, Melon, Coconut and Blue Curacao.
The coconut taste is strong in this one. The flake of the coconut is a lot so can't really taste much of the pineapple and melon, but if you sip too fast, the alcohol does go straight up.

Gin and Tea - RM 38
Gin, Osmanthus tea and Lemon
This is the ultimate girl's favourite drink! If you love the smell of osmanthus tea, you'll definitely love this.

Overall, not a bad place at all! 
Even though the price is a bit high but they do mix a lot of things to the drinks.
And it is a bit loud inside so not really suitable for groups to talk.
Cause we played games inside and we had to shout, everyone had a sore throat going back hahaha.
But yea, overall nice experience and my first hidden bar!

Visited on 9/6/2019
Service Tax 6%.
Rating: 4.2/5.0

Address: 63, Jalan Magazine, 10300 Georgetown, Penang.
Opening Hours:
8.00pm - 3.00am Daily

Lavish Fusion Bakery @ Georgetown, Penang

The hype of this cafe is real.
Didn't wanted to go and ended up hanging in Penang pretty late so just thought why not give it a go.
It's super near to the back of Chinahouse and same road as Awesome Canteen .

Penang shops are known as having really really long hallways.
Narrows but lots of space still.

Their pastries though, looks super yummilicious!

Their cakes too!

Lavish Fusion Bakery MENU

Eve - RM 17.20
This is the very famous unicorn drink.
It's suppose to have Mango, Strawberry, Milk and Vanilla.
But erm, I couldn't really taste anything probably because there was way too much ice blended and not enough fruits. I honestly couldn't tell what I was drinking.

Magnum Coffee Milkshake - RM 18.60
Sinful drink indeed. This one was quite alright. With chocolate and caramel drizzle from top to bottom, it taste pretty sinful to me.

Chocolate Crepe - RM 11.80 
Thousand layered cake. It's not bad. Although the texture of the layers were not as thin as it should be, but its acceptable.

Sakura Souffle - RM 24.90 
They said the waiting time for the souffle is 40 minutes. I kid you not, 40 MINUTES.
So I patiently waited, After an hour, it still wasn't on my table.
After checking it with the counter, not soon after it came out. 
Boy, was it DISAPPOINTING. Waited so long to have something not as up to par.
Ice cream was okie dokie, crumbs layed around was fantastic but the souffle itself give a big disappointment. It's fluffy but the texture is just I dont know how to put in words. A big let down for a price that high and a time that long to make. 

I wouldn't go in another time honestly, maybe for the pastries cause some friends said its good but the other things that hype it up, it is definitely not worth it at all.
Nice place for instaworthy pictures though.

Visited on 9/6/2019
No GST and Service Charge.
Rating: 1.5/5.0

Address: 214, Lebuh Victoria, 10300 Georgetown, Penang.
Telephone: 04-261 0107
Opening Hours:
10.00am - 11.30pm daily