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So one of the places that I would love to travel to that is in my bucket list is BALI! I've no idea why but I'm so intrigue by the beautiful scenery and the historical temples that had been there for a long time. And the time has come as my husband and I will be going for our honeymoon next month!

1. Scenery
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Other than the historic temples to visit, Bali is also well known for their waterfalls. Well, from what I read on Trip Canvas, there are at least 9 spectacular waterfalls that is a must to see. If you are a nature lover, this can definitely be on your bucket list to just visit the soothing wave sounds of the waterfalls in Bali.

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For those who loves an adventure, getting those early morning hikes to see the sunset by Mount Batur is definitely worth it. There are many tour guides that you can book online and even though the steps to get there ain't easy, it is definitely breathtaking when you reach the top. Now let's just hope another volcano, Mount Batur, won't erupt.

Photo credit: Youtube - AdventureStep

Gates of Heaven. They are called the Candi Bentar, usually appears before you reach the temple. Their architecture to the heavily decorated gates are very mesmerizing. For those who wishes to get instaworthy shots, well, these balinese split gates are definitely a win.

2. Food & Drinks
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When you visit another country, not only just to see the fantastic view of their scenery but also to try out their amazing food! I've did some research, there are tons of food to try on when I get there! Not sure if my stomach can take it though. There's Babi Guling, BBQ Pork Ribs, Satay, Bebek Betutu, Nasi Campur, Lawar, and even their Nasi Goreng taste different than the ones we have in Malaysia!

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Besides the wonderful balinese food, there's also their famous drink! The Kopi Luwak! Also known as the Poop Coffee. It's basically an Asian palm civet eats coffee cherries and once the cherries were digested, it poops out and walah! If you think it's sounds icky-yucky, there are also many more drinks that Bali is well known for, such as their coconut water, Balinese herbal drink, palm toddy and Indonesia's favourite beer, Bintang.

3. Villas
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The best part about Bali is staying in Bali! There are tons of affordable villas that has their own private pool! How cool is that! You can check it out here Private Pool Villas to know which villa has them and affordable too! We actually booked one in Ubud and in Uluwatu that both have their own private pool. Talk about skinny dipping.

4. Market
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Another famous part of Bali is their markets! Their markets sells EVERYTHING. From storage boxes, to basket bags, jewelry, batiks, sarongs, straw hats and many more. To be at these markets, one must know how to haggle the prices. Always take your time to look through things you wanna get. I might get something back to put in my house too!

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Opëam @ Ipoh

So we had the opportunity to dine in one of the luxurious restaurants in Ipoh.
It's been the talk of the town for quite some time and because I had reasons to celebrate my husband's birthday, we went on!
Located next to De Garden, this corner lot house was transformed into a beautiful restaurant.

The moment you walk in through those glass doors,
the place is just lit up with drop dead sexy gorgeous dim lights all around.
You'll see this bar table right ahead of you and boy, they do have some fancy wines around.

So beside seeing the glamorous bar, 
you'll notice a shelf of wines on your left.

The ambiance has sexy written all over it.
It's cozy yet frisky at the same time.

I booked a reservation in advance because I heard its quite packed during weekends.
We reached about 7pm and the place was occupied by 3 tables at least.
So if you wanna go there, be early so you won't have to wait for your food.

We were seated nearer to the entrance but the sheer black curtain covers up most views from the outside, giving us the romantic feeling inside.

So the MENU!!!
I actually expected more because heard the place was so chic but menu was just papers clipped to a board.
And they don't have a lot of items on it but do check out their facebook because they do sometimes have special menus that you will need to pre-book beforehand.
Also, my bad that I have forgotten to take pictures of the drink section.

Fresh Orange Juice - RM 11.00
They have in the menu two different fruit juices.
One is bottled and the other is fresh.
Well, fresh did taste not bad. Not too sweet and the foam was just nice.

Sautéed Mushroom - RM 16.00
I love mushrooms and I was so looking forward to this dish.
But it sort of disappoints me.
The flavour just wasn't there.
Probably the other lite bites might taste better.

Smoked Duck Pizza - RM 31.00
Now this, this is the bomb.
The thickness of the smoked duck and how juicy and tender the meat was, just wow.
The cheese was also delicious by the way.

Just look at the crust of the pizza.
It's in layers and its crispy at the edges.
So the pizza is definitely a yes!

Salmon Steak with Ikura - RM 50
The salmon was alright.
Smelled a bit fishy even after squeezing the lemon but thumbs up for the crispy skin.
Presentation is beautiful too.

Bomb Alaska - RM 39
Do you see the blue flame on the right?
So they serve you this unique dessert and they will light up fire in a cup of alcohol and pour it over the dessert, making it lighting up in flames.
Pretty cool isn't it?
Inside it's ice cream and you can choose either Chocolate, Matcha or Raspberry.
Quarter bottom of the ice cream is vanilla and the base are all nuts. *No pun intended*
This is definitely something to try on and its been a hype for those who knows about this place.

An Overview.


Overall, it's a nice experience.
I would come back for the food again because the other types of pizzas and pastas were mouth watering.
And I love that dessert.
The waiters and waitresses were friendly and polite.
The place is just wonderful and cozy with the ambiance they created.
So it is definitely worth to come and have a try.

Visited on 28/10/2017
A table of 2.
Total spending of RM 147.00, with tax and service charge.
Rating: 4.0/5.0

Address: 28, Lebuh Hock Lee, Taman Hock Lee, 31400 Ipoh Perak.
Telephone: 05 - 541 2421
Opening Hours: 
Sunday - Tuesday, Thursday
4pm - 11pm
Friday - Saturday
4pm - 12am
Closed on Wednesdays

The Story Eatery@ Kampar

Well now, hello peeps!
Since I'm still working in Kampar and have a chance to dine in fancy cafes/restaurants, why not right?
In a crowded little town that's filled with University students everywhere, out came the most extraordinary little cafe called, The Story.

So they are a casual all day market place eatery.
A concept which is what you don't see in Kampar.
There's some in Ipoh but a first in Kampar.
Their goal is to provide the best comfort food with fresh ingredients to the community.
Talk about solid writing.

When we got there, it was about 6.30pm.
So it was still early and not many were there.
They have seats on the inside and the outside of the eatery itself.

Here are some night views if you're wondering what it looks like after the sun sets.

Located just right to FYLL, which is also one of the coolest restaurants in town,
inside is just so spectacular!
Greens everywhere! I'm talking about real greens!
Definitely lights up the whole place with all the downlights hanging down and all.

The place itself doesn't look very big inside but they really do try to maximize whatever space they have.
I like the all clear glass panels that the natural light can shine in.

Even their ceiling is well decorated.

Every section they have, they do it differently but it blends well together.
There are at least 6 different sections of different chairs and patterns.

The barista area.
Their cupboards on top with layered over a chalkboard that they can use to advertise more of their drinks. Smart aye.

The Cocktail and Cheese Bar.
Can you see that BLOCK of CHEESE?

So what does it mean by market place?
Apparently, they sell their own merchandise.
How cute. Isn't it?

They even have a changing section if you would like to try out their clothes that they sell.
Cafe boutique.

Beside the cocktail and cheese bar, there are actually handwritten calligraphy on these light up boards.
Which I think its really picturesque!
Everywhere in the place, are all calligraphy written. It's just WOW.

Even the washroom area looks so cool.
Come on.

Food MENU!!!
Why didn't they open this during my uni days. I was craving for brunch so badly in Kampar back then.
As you can see, they don't offer a lot of main course.
Which can also be a good thing, so you can scale down what you wanna choose to eat.

Drinks MENU
When it comes to drinks, there's loads.
2 pages of them.
Take a look yourself.

Of course.
They have muffins, cakes and macaroons!
They are mouth-watering when you look at it.

Matcha Shake - RM 16.00
Green tea, chocolate syrup, whipped cream with sprinkle of nuts and croissant shape biscuits.

Rosemary Lemonade - RM 12.00
Lemonade with soda to give the sparkling refresh effect and a touch of rosemary to boost the flavour.

Chocolate (Ice) - RM 13.00
Basically hot chocolate thats cold with roasted marshmallows on top.
Doesn't that mug reminds you of the old times?

Caffe Mocha - RM 10.00
Aromatic smell of mocha that burst out the flavour of coffee.

Kimchi and Bacon Aglio-Olio - RM 20.00
I actually thought they would stir fry the pasta with kimchi.
Was I wrong.
So the dish is just kimchi thats in the fried egg, some olives, mushrooms, cucumber with the pasta and two strips of bacon on top.

Salmon Roe Penne - RM 24.00
They also stir fry this pasta dish.
With some cheese powder over it.
It's almost the same as the pasta dish above, its just a bit more salty.
Salmon roe on top with some seaweed as well.

Black Pepper Lamb Shoulder - RM 24.00
I think this was quite worth it because its lamb and its under RM 25.
The black pepper sauce was quite strong and brings up the heat.
It's side dish are the wedges and ONE fried ball.
I assume its takoyaki la. You know those octopus in a ball kinda thing.
That was actually good, but to serve one ball only, it was a bit weird.

Devil Cake - RM 15.00
It's a chocolate mud cake!
This slice of cake is really really rich in chocolate and its so filling!

We had the waitress to send the cake for this student of mine because its her birthday.
And they played the birthday song on the speakers while giving her the cake.
She's wishing so hard right there.

An Overview.

The place is great for parties, special occasions or just casual dining.
They have the space for it.
The atmosphere, the ambiance. 
A fine place to just dine and celebrate with friends or love ones.

I think it was alright.
The place itself gives a wow effect but not so much on their food.
Some of my colleagues said it was horrible but I wouldn't say so.
Some food are delicious that makes you wanna go another round for it but not all of them.
But their drinks are crazily slurp-licious. 
Service wise, I would like the waitresses more than the waiters.
Waiters look like we owe them money, no smile, felt forceful.
Waitresses were nice, all smiles and serves well.
If they can improve on their food, their barista and waiters to have a smile, I think it might be different for sure.

On a side note, all pictures are taken from iPhone SE camera.
Turns out the pictures were way better than my own Casio camera.

Visited on 25/10/2017
A table of 4.
Total Spending of RM 154.00, No GST and Service Charge.
Rating: 3.2/5.0

Address: G1, Lot 126029, Jalan Timah, Taman Bandar Baru Kampar 3, 31900 Kampar, Perak.
Telephone: 05 - 465 8659
Instagram: The Story Eatery
Opening Hours: 
Wednesday - Sunday
11.00 am - 1.00 am
11.00 am - 12.00 am
Closed on Tuesday