Tummy Bowl @ Greentown, Ipoh

Fancy something healthy? This is the place to be!

I always love it when new hype up cafes or restaurants open, the more excuse to go ma. *laughs*
So here we have Tummy Bowl! Sounds very yummy horrrr.

Inside, it's really spacious, not many decorations.
Which is good because then you can focus on your food.

It's one of the new hypes in town as well, so when I had like 3 friends urging me that I have to go, it's a must lah.

So how does this works?
It's like subway la but in a bowl.
They call it a poke bowl in KL.

You don't choose from the counter though, no no no.
There's a form for you to fill.

Alas, their big  MENU on the wall!

So yea, basically you have to fill in the form of your order.

Step 1: Pink your base
Step 2: Pick 2 sauces
Step 3: Pick 4 sides and choose unlimited fresh toppings
Step 4: Add on house specialties
Step 5: Pick your protein

So if you malas want to pick and choose, you can just select their already made menu.

They do also serve this, Cold press juicer. Will try this next time. Budget a bit tight.

So I'll say what's in each bowl that we personally pick and choose.
Base: White Rice
Sauces: Lime Aioli and Garlic Sauce
4 Sides: Mango, Corn, Pineapple and Cherry Tomato
Fresh Toppings: Furikake, Fried Garlic, Fried Shallot, Seaweed Flakes and Chia Seed
Add on: Hot Spring Egg
Protein: Honey Lime Salmon

Own Bowl - RM 16.70
Green Tea - RM 1.50

Honestly, I hate salad but this bowl that we can create our own, even though it looks healthy, it does pretty damn delicious. What I had of an idea was to have sweet and sour together, hence the honey lime salmon and mangoes. Mangoes were superb fresh as I see them peel and cut on the spot. The only thing I would change is the pineapple, cause that one was from the tin can. hah. Overall? Superbly nice.

Base: Brown Rice
Sauces: Sesame Miso and Mango Coconut
4 Sides: Mango, Cucumber, Edamame and Chuka Wakame
Fresh Toppings: Ebiko, Chili Flakes, Furikake. Fried Garlic, Sesame Seed, Shredded Coconut and Sunflower Seed
Add on: Baby Octopus and Hot Spring Egg
Protein: Shoyu Salmon

Own Bowl - RM 20.70
Green Tea - RM 1.50

This looks much healthier because got more greens in it. It's very much towards Japanese in this dish as my friend, Rebecca, loves Japanese food so all the ingredients you pick was very Japanese lah. So this dish is more towards saltiness and with few pinches of chili flakes, does give a kick to it.

Base: Baby Greens
Sauces: Sesame Miso and Mango Coconut
4 Sides: Almond, Walnut, Edamame and Chuka Wakame
Fresh Toppings: Ebiko. Furikake, Fried Garlic, Fried Shallot, Seaweed Flakes, Chia Seed, Shredded Coconut. Pumpkin Seed and Sunflower Seed
Add on: None
Protein: Teriyaki Unagi

Own Bowl - RM 26.90
Green Tea - RM 1.50

This had a whole load of toppings *laughs* Because the fresh toppings are unlimited that you can choose from, our dear Vivi being the kiasu order most of it haha. Even though its just toppings, with a glance, it does look very filling isn't it? So it's a good call, Vivi. Because she ordered Baby Greens as the base, she said it was better if it was with rice instead because of all the fillings on it and sauces. 

Each of our own bowls.

An Overview.
Looks so colourful doesn't it?

A face of satisfaction.

Overall, we ate in silence because it was too good to even talk to each other.
Or we were just tired haha. 
But yea, no doubt, as this place is unique and the taste is fantastic.
For a person who doesn't really eat healthy food, its a thumbs up from me.
Don't be afraid of what you order, that the taste doesn't blend, because in the end, they have sauces and things that no matter how you put it, it is all in harmony put together.
I am waiting for a time to bring my husband over so I can get an excuse to eat for the second time around. 
PS: Pictures taken from iPhone SE. *Not bad kan*

Visited on 4/2/2018
A table for 3.
Total spending of RM 68.80, no GST and Service Charge.
Rating: 4.6/5.0

Address: 4, Persiaran Greentown 8, 30450 Ipoh, Perak.
Telephone: 012- 212 2884
Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday
11.00am - 10.00pm daily

Macallum Connoisseurs @ George Town, Penang

So on my third cafe in Penang, came upon this on Christmas day. Honestly, the biggest cafe I have ever been to. It's huge!

 So this place is about 8,000 square feet thats really big enough to actually have big events here.
And it's all in one place, the cafe, an academy, restaurant, brewing process, etc.

So when you walk in, the counter will be just right in front of you.
And look at the pictures below, that is how spacious the place is.

So the place is so big that they have certain markets from time to time.
And I was lucky enough to see one of these.

Right corner of the counter.


Everything looks so pretty, I KENOT.
Spent too much at Boracay and left me broke the rest of the December month.

I really like this section that they have.
You can also purchase them.


They of course, do also sell cakes!

Alright. Here is the Macallum's Breakfast MENU!!!
I wanted to try their lunch and dinner menu also but well, stomach can only fill in so much.


Iced Mocha - RM 14.00
Enough chocolate and espresso in it.
It was a hot day so ice blended it is!

Macallum Matcha Pancake - RM 18
Spread with matcha buttercream, topped with azuki bean paste, homemade cinnamon biscuit crumbles, and red velvet crumbs, served with matcha buttercream and azuki bean on the side.
I honestly am not a big fan of green tea, but it was either this or caramel and I think I had enough of sweet stuff and went for this.
Surprisingly, it doesn't have that green tea bitter taste and the crumbs were delicious! We really lick the plate clean. 

Connoisseur's Breakfast - RM 27.00
Pork sausage, guacamole spread, portobellos, pork bacon, poached eggs, tomatoes, Macallum's house bread and salad.
The pork sausage was super filing and the portobellos were delicious!
I love everything on the plate. Seasoning done right.

 Potato and Egg with Bacon (Pork) - RM 18
Baked croissant with Macallum house spread topped with frisée, pork/chicken/beef/turkey bacon, and sunny side up eggs, served with truss tomatoes and grilled potatoes on the side.
MMM... Croissant is one of my favourites and my husband and I were sort of snatching the plate over it. Tomatoes were really fresh!

 An Overview.

Overall, it's a very cozy place to have brunch indeed. 
The huge windows that shines in the natural sunlight makes the whole atmosphere very warm. 
Everything is great here, the music, the food, the drinks.
It's one of the definite place to go to.

Visited on 25/12/2017
A table of 2.
A total spending of RM 79.00, GST included but no service charge.
Rating: 4.8/5.0

Address: 1, Gat Lebuh Macallum, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang.
Telephone: 04 - 261 3597
Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday
9.00am - 12.00am