Little Meet Fresh 小缐肉 @ Medan Ipoh

So this place, a friend recommended to me and it was all I could think about for lunch EVER.

I really like the design inside because its so chinese in a way. It just feels home somehow.

So they are famous for their Mi Xian and they wrote a long history about it on their menu which you can take a look below later on.

Little Meet Fresh Menu

Basically its all just different "toppings", which I like cause it make it so much easier to choose.


White Coffee - RM 3.00
100 Plus - RM 2.50 

 A101 - RM 9.30
Pork Belly Slice, Mince Meatcake, Homemade Fish Paste
What you ordered, will all be in there.
I really like their soup.
It's really fragrant but I didn't like the coriander (香菜) smell. It's all in the soup but yea, it's good.
Really like their Mi Xian honestly. Slippery.

A113 - RM 9.50
Bursting Meatball Noodle
This reminds me of the meatballs I ate when I was a kid. 
Bursting out with flavour. There's meat and some juice in the meatball so when you bite it in, it bursts out hence the name.
The soup flavour is same all around unless you ordered the spicy soup.

An Overview.

So its a really good hot meal on a rainy day.
Slurping your way through it is very fulfilling to the soul.
Been here couple of times and never get bored of it.
So yea. Definitely a yes to this place.

Visited on different dates throughout second half of 2018.
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Address: 17, Jalan Medan Ipoh 6, Taman Ipoh Timur, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.
Telephone: 018-662 2800
Opening Hours: 
Wednesday - Monday
11.00am - 8.30pm
Closed on Tuesdays

De Bois @ Jalan Gopeng, Ipoh

Bonjour everyone, here we have De Bois and its in Ipoh!!!
It's a malay cafe but its extremely good!
I've been to quite a few malay cafes and honestly, they were just so-so.
But this one right here, is exceptional, and you'll know why.

They have a very spacious place right outside as well. 
They are located next to the Billion complex in Gunung Rapat, so don't miss out when you pass by!

And I really like how they designed it, all bricks and wooden tables and chairs.


One of the things they do as well, they do have a private room to organize any parties you want!
It can fit probably about 10 people? So yea, its definitely can be a super private function in there.
And also provide decor for birthdays if you like!


Mmm, CAKE!

Just look at the menu la omg. So mouth watering weh they describe.


Green Apple Campagna - RM 6.90
Well, obviously its liquidated, but its not so bad though the taste. A bit sour and sweet.

Tropical Passionfruit - RM 6.90
This is just alright. But I wouldn't quite recommend this drink. Taste a bit like medicine.

Shaken Peach Tea - RM 6.00
Cool and chilling flavorful peach tea. Good for a warm day out.

Salted Caramel Brownies with Ice Cream - RM 8.40
It's not bad honestly! The ice cream just melts in your mouth and the brownie is delicious.

Butter & Milk Kari Pasta - RM 14.90
A creamy butter sauce infused with curry powder and served with fried chicken chop.
I love this honestly. It's like the chinese butter cream chicken but Better.
With the chilli flakes, it adds a kick to the sauce.

Wrap Me Up - RM 14.90
Classic chicken wrap is stuffed with juicy fried chicken tender, a blend of flavorful cheeses, fresh greens, tomatoes, and homemade mustard sauce.
The homemade mustard sauce is super delectable, chicken wasn't overcook and its really mouth watering.

An Overview.

Prices are not very expensive like how the chinese cafes charges, so YES, this is definitely a good place to go to. It's just that the surrounding is a bit hot so probably go about 7.30pm onwards for cooling air around and you'll be delighted to have your dinner there.
Their service is great too so, why wouldn't I recommend?
Thumbs up!

Visited on 3/8/2018
A table for 3.
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Address: 201, Jalan Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah, 30250 Ipoh.
Telephone: 05 - 311 1307
Opening Hours: 
4pm - 12am daily

TAS KL Giveaway! [Sponsored]

TAS KL is having a giveaway contest!
I love contests, don't you?!? It's like you have a small percentage of winning something. So fun!

What is TAS?
They are handwoven bags made from strands of dried pandanus leaves intricately made by artisan. Each bag is woven with authentic craftsmanship and modern embellishments pieces are added to it.

Every design is unique and hugely inspired by the Asian culture with modern day vibes. From glamorous gemstones and girly pom-poms to rockstar studs and boho beads, they really offer something for everyone!

Here below, are some of my favourites from their collection!

Bling series

In  Full Bloom series

Boho Tassel 2017

In Full Bloom 2017

Boho Tassel Series Pt. II 2017

Even Amber Chia also accessorize with a TAS canary yellow clutch at a charity event in KL.

Rockstar Series (UNISEX) 2016

So yea! Aren't they gorgeous?
And now they are out with TASgirl series!

What's the difference?
It's design for younger market for those who are out for something fun and colourful during vacay. Casual yet timeless is the keyword to describe it. Nautical Stripes, Polka-dots and Tropical print bags are the designs you get to see.

Available in mini and regular sized totes, sling bags, zipper pouches and clutches, they are priced form RM 39 and onwards. Talk about affordable!

Here are some of the collections from TASgirl.

Mini tote with Poms-Poms

Hawaii tote

Sweetener Raffia mini-backpack

Straw Sling Bag

Bling Canvas Totes with Hoop Handle

Bali Bag

There are many more designs that you can see and it's all here!!!

Each design is made in limited numbers. So I don't know what are you waiting for! Join the contest on Instagram now!

Follow TAS KL on Instagram (@tas_kl) for orders, daily updates and latest designs!