Addon White Coffee @ Ipoh

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So the other day I happened to pass by town and notice this very well repainted structure.
Then I notice the words "White Coffee" and was like ehhh? Something new?
So of course I have to go!

Inside is soooo cozy! Because of the air-cond haha.
Since Ipoh nowadays hot af, this place really does make you feel comfortable once you step in.

And one great thing is they have a floor above so if you want to have something bit more private, 
can just go upstairs.


Addon White Coffee Menu

Soya (Cold) - RM 3.80
Fresh and refreshing, also very full after drinking it.

Addon White Coffee (Cold) - RM 4.60 
I would say the coffee is more towards the bitter side.
My husband loved it 

Bread with Kaya and Butter (Toast) - RM 4.50 
I would say this is pretty disappointing. 
The bread was soggy, just horrible to eat with.
Totally not worth the price, at all.

Rice with Braised Beef - RM 13.90
Braised beef is quite nice, but if they flavored their rice, I think the whole dish would be much better. 

Lamen with Beef Rendang - RM 13.90
The noodle as stated in their menu is handmade.
Quite delicious and the beef is very tender.

An Overview.

Overall, I would say its like another Chang Jiang White Coffee
Good environment, nice lighting, selling white coffee...
Food was just so-so but their white coffee is definitely worth a shot.
So you try and let me know how it is :)

Visited on 20/1/2019
A table of 2.
Rating: 3.0/5.0

Addon White Coffee
Address: 64, Jalan Raja Ekram, Kampung Jawa, 30450 Ipoh, Perak.
Telephone: 05-210 3023
Opening Hours: 
9.00am - 12.00am Daily


Girlie's Cafe @ Ipoh Old Town

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When there are new cafes opened, YASSSS, its a must to go to check it out.

So its located in Old town Ipoh, and its pretty near to Plan B.
sorry for the bad lighting, it was just super cloudy that day.

It's pretty spacious inside, and its longggggg because its an old shoplot in old town.
and the design in the olden days are just longggggggg. 

What's pretty cool that I noticed was they plant their own greens. 
So it is really fresh!

Their pastries are really adorable and one of their best selling too!
It's already empty when we got there because it was a day after Mother's Day and many people bought their pastries before we got there!

Girlie's Cafe Menu

Not a lot of option for food but i can tell you this, the smell of buttery croissant fills the cafe, you'd want a bite of it.

Updated Drinks MENU
Thanks to Jian Wei the barista for this cause lao niang forgot to take picture again. Haiyo.

Ohh goodness. I can't believe I forgot the name of the tea, but the smell is very aromatic and not very thick. It's not as flavorful as it smells but it is smooth when you drink it down. Plus the barista did mix his own tea flavour out from this so thumbs up!

This is something new that the barista tried and do you see the floating Tsum Tsum, its made out of meringue topping so it does gives a sweetness to the cappuccino. Oh and also, they have printed art on your coffee! How cool is that.

Matcha Latte (Cold) - RM 12.00
It's basically matcha with fresh milk, but I'm not really a matcha lover, this however change my perspective towards matcha flavoured drinks.
Very light and refreshing!

Daily Juice (Lemonade) - RM 7.00
So daily juice means they have different types of juice everyday and that day I happened to have Lemonade!
You see the lemon chap at the side of the glass?
It's so pretty right?
There's a bit of bitter aftertaste from the lemon after you sip it but its great!

Strawberry White Wine - RM 12.00
It's not white wine but sparkling water!
On a hot summer day, you just need a drink like that.
Something fizzy and cold!

Scrambled Eggs and Mushrooms - RM 13.00
Signature butter croissant served with sides of sauteed mushrooms, scrambled eggs and salad.
This smells so good. The portion of the scrambled egg is insane haha.
Although seasoning on the mushrooms could have added more salt and pepper to the taste but overall, a great dish for a great price!

Boba Croissant - RM 12.00
This is off the menu but you can order it. It's available everyday after 1pm.
Honestly, I thought it was weird af but gotta keep trying new things to let ya'll know right?
It's fresh boba and inside the croissant is earl grey custard. I got to say, this is some innovation alright because one mouth and you are melted away.
It's SO GOOD. My friend wanted to da bao back but of course its not recommended la.
I just couldn't quite describe the taste but its just something so weird and different yet it blends so well together. *laughs at self
Just come and have a go at it. The boba is given generously.

 Run and Raisin Croissant - RM 13.00
That glistening skin of the croissant, I just cannot.
The rum is strong in this one.
Do you see that little shot of rum?
Inside the croissant is filled rum and raisin and it really does go well with the croissant.

Lemon Meringue Croissant - RM 13.00
Lemon meringues are one of my favourite flavours of a dessert.
And boy! The lemon meringue inside the croissant is so generous in amount!
Sweet as it can be, I love it, licked the plate clean.

Overall, its not bad at all.
Finally something promising and good croissant.
I've been searching for flavorful and buttery croissant but all the ones I had was just not up to standard. 
Also, they have this meal combo where you get discount when you order from their Croissant sandwich menu, classic drinks and their soup of the day. It's a great deal!
So do come and try as they are always trying something new, to surprise you with new things off the menu. Lao Ban Niang is a super nice person too. 

*Updated on 28/8/2019
Visited on 15/5/2019
A table for 3.
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Address: No 26, Jalan Market, 30000 Ipoh, Perak.
Telephone: 05-255 1981
Opening Hours: 
Tuesday - Thursday, Sunday
10.00am - 5.00pm
Friday and Saturday
10.00am - 6.00pm
Closed on Mondays


Patisserie Boutique @ Ipoh

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So the very famous Patisserie Boutique.
I heard a lot of people talked about it but the parking there is just horrible until someone took me there, then I was like ohh my, its really good!

Inside is pretty industrial meets minimalism.
Not a lot of table and chairs so once they are pack, you gotta go elsewhere probably.


Patisserie Boutique Menu


Rose Tea - RM 8.00
Fragrant, and soothing.
The aromatic smell of rose but when slurp it down your throat doesnt have that taste that you smell. Hmmm. Wonder why.

Peppermint Herbal Infusion -  8.00
I really did not like this.
But if you are a fan of mint leaves, then this is for you.

Smoked Duck Carbonara - RM 24 
With the egg yolk in the middle and cheese on it, how can you resist this.
I've had my fair share of eating carbonara in lots of places, but this is something else.
With every mouth you take in, you'll just keep wanting more.
Smoke duck was also cooked perfectly. Juicy.

Seafood Pasta - RM 33
Salmon, Prawn, Mussels all in one plate.
All my FAVORITES in one plate.
Aglio olio pasta was delicious! Not too oily and not too salty either.
Seasoning was done perfectly.

Four Season Sandwiches - RM 22 
Urghhh, this is soooo good.
You've got Omelet, Smoked Duck, Chicken Ham and Beef Bacon on four toast.
Every toast is unique and delicious and it is really filing. 

An Overview.

Overall, I LOVE the food.
Like every plate is gorgeous to look at, and even taste better in your mouth.
Not so fancy on their drinks, like their tea and stuff,
but its their food that keeps wanting to go for more.
Like to try for other food on their menu.
So yes, I'd totally recommend this place.
No wonder everyone loves it here.

Visited on 22/11/2018
A table for 2.
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Address: 103, Jalan Sultan Yusof, 30000 Ipoh, Perak.
Telephone: 05-241 1385
Opening Hours:
11.00am - 6.00pm 
Thursday - Tuesday
Wednesday Closed