Romanee Hauz @ Kampar

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So two months back, I had my birthday celebrated twice by different group of friends but celebrated at the same place at different times. *laughs*

It's like the best new spot in Kampar town. Since I've moved permanently to Ipoh, I've been spending less time in Kampar, obviously. No longer a teacher at Kampar anymore.

The place is new and was pretty crowded at first. And they said the food's great. Let's see shall we?

It's really spacious inside as it's 3-4 shoplots wide. So many seats can be seated.

Few games around to play as well.

I've not personally seen any band played here but it's quite cool to have a small little stage/area for bands to play around. Not a lot in Kampar.


I really like this wine display. It's so cool isn't it?

It's MENU time!!! Loads of pages in the menu. So many choices!






Berry-Berry - RM 12
Mocktails are pretty much refreshing so I'm not so sure what was in it but pretty sure the name proves it. It has very much a blueberry taste and some other berries in it.

Watermelon Juice - RM 8
Fresh and refreshing, it's fresh watermelon blended. Not bad.

Mushroom Chicken - RM 25
Crispy Chicken, Garlic Mash, Seasonal Vegetables and Mushroom Sauce.
Chicken was a bit too tough, probably over cooked it. Mushroom sauce was quite nice tough.

New Zealand Lamb Shoulder with Black Pepper Sauce - RM 32
Javanese Spice Marinated Lamb Shoulder served with Garlic Mash and Seasonal Vegetables.
The taste is much towards salty but it tasted quite alright. Just that the lamb they might have cooked too long as well. A bit chao da smell. The sides are splendid.

Fish and Chip - RM 20
Crispy Fish Fillet served with French Fries, Mescun Salad and Tartar Sauce.
The portion was a bit too small. Fish fillet was alright. Salad dressing was okay too.

Chipotle Chessy Chicken - RM 25
Chicken Marinated in Mexican Hot Sauce, Melted Cheese, Garlic Mash Potatoes, and Seasonal Vegetables.
With a little heat of the hot sauce, it gives a kick to the chicken. The garlic mash was delightful as well.

Man Tou with Chili Crab Sauce - RM 16 
This chili crab sauce is the bomb! I wish the man tous were refillable because the sauce is so amazing. The man tous are also very tender.

 Carbonara Spaghetti - RM 20
With garlic and bacon, along with Parmesan cheese, this is one really good carbonara. Quite on par with the one served at Euro House in Ipoh. Very tasty.

Edamame - RM 8 
I'm not a big fan of this, my friends however, dig in when they have the opportunity. I would say it was really good, and fresh, as my friend gobble up the whole thing at once.

Combo Pork - RM 58
Smoked Pork Belly, Bacon, BBQ Pork Rib, Deep Fried Pork Belly, Iberico Pork Sausage.
This is one wonderful plate of pork. It's like even though you are full but you still want to eat it. It's that good alright. Pretty worth it as well.

Overall, I couldn't recommend their chicken, but their pork is really good and so is their spaghetti. 
Drinks were fab but more on the pricier side.
Place is great, main area is much noisier so the other side is much cozier and less noise that can chat about among friends.

Visited on 12/4/2018
A table of 7 and 3.
Rating: 3.8/5.0

Address: 2198-2201, Jalan Timah, Taman Bandar Baru, 31900 Kampar, Perak.
Telephone: 05-465 3502
Opening Hours: 
Monday to Sunday
11.00am - 2.00am


Backlane Coffee @ Jonker Walk, Melaka

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In the streets of Melaka is beautiful.
Thankful for the Dslr that my mom has, or else I couldn't take wonderful pictures at night.

So Backlane Coffee cafe is literally located at the backlane.
It is deep inside one of the shops, at the very far end.
It's located next to the stage of Jonker Walk.

Inside, the design is a mixture of modern and vintage.

With books and board games you can find in the middle of the cafe on the shelves.

The lighting in this cafe, is absolutely stunning.

From brick walls to clear glass pots hanging on the wall.
It is absolutely stunning to look at every corner.


Taken from the back and out of the shop itself.

Moving on to their counter and its....

MENU time!!!

So many things to choose from.
Out mistake we had too much of satay celup before getting here.
Had no more space to try out their food.
Was pretty bumped out.

Cappuccino - RM 10.50
Ginger Brown Sugar - RM 8.00

Mr Owl Iced Latte - RM 12.00

It's their signature coffee here.

Lychee and Rose - RM 4.50
Earl Grey Milk Chocolate - RM 4.50
The macaroons were in their own different flavours and they definitely sweet.
But the texture is nice, chewy and at the same time wanting to bite somemore.

An overview.

Overall, it is a really nice place to chill when you have nowhere to go at night in Melaka.
I would definitely love to try their food out even though there's not much selection.
The coffee is definitely nice, bitter coffee taste.
Do drop by when you're in the town of Melaka.

Visited on 10/12/2015
Total spending of RM 39.50, no service charge or GST.
Rating: 3.8/5.0

Address: 129 Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Telephone: 06 282 0542
Opening Hours:
Sunday - Thursday : 11.00am - 12.00am
Friday - Saturday : 11.00am - 1.00am