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So we had an early dinner the other day at this magnificent looking cafe in Starling Mall.
Christmas is around the corner and they really put in a lot of effort in decorating it!
Mad love!

You can actually see from here on how they make bread.
How they knead the dough and all.
So apparently on their sign written outside the cafe, they will only seat you guys when your party is all here.

The counter and as you can see, they also serve cakes.

It seems to be always pack here, as we sat for few hours and the people kept pouring in nonstop

As Christmas is near, they too also have a Christmas MENU!!!
So please do book ahead by calling them to get your seats during Christmas.

Here are the pages of the usual menu of the cafe.

Iced Mocha - RM 15.00
Double espresso with milk and homemade chocolate ganache.

Honey Lemon - RM 5.50
It was not sour but just right.
The sweetness of the honey and acidic taste from lemon was put together in perfection.

Red Kettle Special - RM 12.00
Traditional Vietnamese drip coffee with an extraordinary fluffy and creamy sweetened topping.
Contains egg.
This is one of their specialty. Its pretty bitter but the taste is quite amazing.
You really do can taste the smell of the egg but it doesn't felt weird while drinking it down.

We also had a cup of drinking water and they charge us for RM 1.50.

Pork Bolognese N Mata Kerbau - RM 25.00
Spaghetti, pork bolognese, sunny side up, parmesan cheese, garlic bread and herb.
My garlic bread was soggy but the bolognese was quite nice.
Its like minced pork meat and the parmesan cheese was really generous.

Classic Pork Chop - RM 20.00
Pan-fried 12 hours marinated pork loin, green peas, hand cut seared potato wedges and homestyle gravy.
There were 3 pieces of pork chop.
GENEROUS amount.
But its delicious! The gravy was oh so delicious as well.

Pork Burger - RM 20.00
Chargrilled handmade pork patty, homemade bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato relish, pickles, salad and fries. 
The pork patty is so juicy and thick!
One of their best selling food.
To die for!

An Overview.

Overall, yes, the food is amazing!
The pork they have here is really up to standard and its a really nice place to just have tea or to just hang out with friends.
My friend, Grace, introduced this place to us and to just have a time to catch up.
We sat for 4 hours straight and they didn't chase us out also. Haha.
So paiseh la ohh my gosh.
Would definitely come back again someday.

Visited on 3/12/2017
A table of 4.
Total spending of 108.90, GST is already in the amount given in the menu, with 10% service charge.
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Address: 37, Jalan Bukit Desa 5, Taman Bukit Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 - 7988 0801
Instagram: redkettle37
Opening Hours: 
Monday - Sunday
10am - 10pm

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