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Hey guys!
Lazada is once again having a major SALE!!!
It's only in 2 more days!

If you didn't realise, Lazada now has our local stores in it. So basically, Lazada helps a lot on going to the store to pick up items.
Now you can just get it from your fingertips!

There are many many brands, such as the big ones like XiaoMi, Apple, Guardian, etc.
All in different categories you can find them at.
Make our lives much simpler don't you think?

I don't know about you guys but I shop a lot on Lazada and obviously have my own favourite brands in it as well. Well, why don't I just tell you which are my 3 favourite stores on Lazada.

1. Tesco
One of the biggest marketplace in Malaysia and they're on Lazada!
Okay now so why would I need to buy from Tesco when my house is like super near lah *Because I stay in Ipoh

Other than buying groceries like fresh vegetables and stuff, they have many offers on the packaging products. You would save more than going to the store and buy it yourself!
Plus you don't need to do all the heavy lifting to your car and to your house if you can get it just delivered to your door step.

2. Royal Canin
Next would be this!
Because I have a pet dog who is an enormous eater.
So I tried this brand and he loves it!
That's why I buy it from Lazada because of the shipping as well.
I wouldn't need to carry like 10kg dog food all by myself thanks to the good delivery of Lazada.

3. Watsons
As you can see, even with Watsons you can get more discounts and have discount codes given to you just like that.
I always get the vitamins here and its just so easy and you really just save a lot more.

So yea, even though we live in an era of technology that makes us lazy in a way, but sometimes we just don't have the time to run around to get errands done, what more so about daily things we need in life.

So don't forget to log on to Lazada on 27.9.2018 for a massive one day sale!
or just visit LazMall on one of the tabs from Lazada's website to view more local products!
And don't forget to download the app the shake away and get the deals!

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